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 Punta Gorda Resources

Punta Gorda is a delightful town rich with history and a promising future. Among the charming features, residents and visitors will find brick streets, several buildings listed on the National Historic Register, upscale dining, entertainment, public parks, and galleries. 

Special Programs And Incentives Available To Punta Gorda Residents And Homeowners

Smoke Alarm Battery Changing Program

Residents and homeowners in Punta Gorda can take advantage of having the local Fire Department change smoke detector batteries, in addition to protecting lives and property through fire prevention, medical life support, fire suppression, hazardous materials response/identification, water rescue, and other emergency incidents effectively and professionally. Many Punta Gorda area homes and condos feature very high ceilings, making it difficult and dangerous for residents to update batteries safely. Chief Briggs initiated a program where residents can call the non-emergency line to have a fire official install new batteries purchased by the resident at no fee. For more information, please contact the non-emergency line at 941-575-5529.

Seawall Replacement Program

Punta Gorda residents reap the benefits of having a seawall replacement program available. Funds collected by the Canal Maintenance Assessment District get used for the maintenance or replacement of seawalls, mangroves, channels and channel markers in common areas. Punta Gorda has just over 100 miles of seawall and this program helps to preserve safety and integrity of the shoreline using an in house, customized seawall maintenance program. By working with trusted contractors, seawalls can get replaced before failure or significant collapse.

Volunteers In Policing Program

Punta Gorda residents enjoy more peace of mind, due to the Volunteers in Policing – or VIP Program. With over 60 community volunteers, this public safety initiative assists local law enforcement officers in various roles, including community services, bike, marine, and traffic patrols, criminal investigations, and other aspects of policing. Punta Gorda is home to one of few in the United States who actively patrol paths, trails, nearby attractions, downtown, and parks.

Innovation - Growth - Diversity

The City of Punta Gorda has a long history of driving innovation by spearheading new programs to serve residents better. Our officials are always open to explore opportunities in alignment with Punta Gorda’s vision to preserve our small-town character, support diversity, spur economic development, and reinforce sustainability.

 What To Do In Punta Gorda?

Undoubtedly, there’s something for everyone! Whether you enjoy the symphony, the theater, or you wish to live an active lifestyle, you’ll find plenty of professional organizations, as well as outdoor activities including sailing, biking, powerboating, and running.  Here are some of the different activities and things you can do in  Punta Gorda.

Restaurants And Dining
If you long for something tasty, you don’t have to look far to satisfy your cravings in Punta Gorda, Florida. Residents and visitors can find a little bit of everything – gourmet pizzas, freshly caught seafood, saucy BBQ, cheap eats, upscale dining, and mouthwatering desserts.

Some hotspots offer both outside and indoor dining with breathtaking water views!

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Seasonal Events

Winter, spring, summer, and fall – Punta Gorda has it all! Join with your favorite people, and enjoy everything the area has to offer – festivals, open-air markets, holiday fun, nature adventures, fishing brawls, professional and personal networking opportunities. live music, and more!

Even on the chilliest days, a jacket and a willingness to have fun are all you need.

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The Great Outdoors
Punta Gorda is a haven for outdoor lovers. Charlotte County is home to several nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, pedestrian and bike paths, state parks, and clean beaches. Activities such as eco-tours and glass-bottom kayaking let you get a unique glimpse into the environment.

Or, relax and sit back on a sunset cruise of Charlotte Harbor. The choice is yours!

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Do you love to hit the greens? If so, you won’t be disappointed! Punta Gorda is home to 8 golf courses of varying pars, lengths, and degrees of difficulty. And, if eight isn’t enough, there are 27 other private and public golf courses within a 20-mile radius of the municipal limits.

Undoubtedly, Punta Gorda is the place to be if you want to brush up on your swings and strokes!

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If you love to get out there and enjoy life, you’ll find Punta Gorda has much to offer! Fisherman Village is a hot destination with resort amenities, shopping, dining, live entertainment, and an on-site marina. For those who prefer places a bit off the “beaten path,” venues including tiki bars, live music venues, clubs, and theaters are excellent options.

Worry not! There’s always something to do in Punta Gorda!

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 Punta Gorda Videos

To learn and see for yourself everything that Punta Gorda offers you, please enjoy these local resource videos.

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 David Sussman and Charlotte Harbor Travel for sharing their videos!

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