Recommendations and referrals for securing the best mortgage rates for your Southwest Florida home purchase. 

 Recommendations For Mortgages And Financing

When you’re planning to purchase a new home, it’s reassuring to know that you may have more than one option available for your mortgage.

Factors including your work history, income, debt to income ratio, and credit score will affect financing options available to you. 

If you’re starting your journey to homeownership, Florida Dream Living and Investments™️ works as your partner to help you achieve your goals. Rely on trusted partners and affiliates to assist and provide multiple types of mortgages, including:

  • Conventional Mortgage Loans

  • Fannie Mae Mortgage Loans

  • FHA Mortgage Loans

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Private Loans

  • Loans For Foreign Nationals

howbut Easily connect with trusted lenders to secure financing for your next new home in Punta Gorda, Charlotte, and Lee County in Southwest Florida. 

Planning And What To To Do After Applying For A Mortgage

Florida Dream Living And Investments doesn’t provide direct lending. When in the market for a new mortgage, having a higher credit score helps you qualify for the most favorable lending terms. Here are a few best practices to implement as quickly as possible to begin establishing a solid credit history.


  • Maintain steady employment – don’t become self-employed.

  • Don’t make any other large purchases such as a new vehicle, van, or truck.

  • Pay all of your bills on time, and don’t miss a payment.

  • Don’t run your credit card balances up.  

  • Save as much as you can for a down payment.

  • Don’t buy furniture until you’ve closed on your new home. 

  • Don’t put in any credit applications that cause a hard inquiry with the credit reporting agencies. 

  • Avoid making more substantial than usual deposits into your savings or checking accounts.

  • Don’t make changes to your checking or savings accounts. 

  • Don’t co-sign for anything or anyone.

  • Avoid buying anything until the property officially closes. 

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